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Facing an IRS Levy? Your Local Tax Resolution Pro Can Help!

An IRS levy is the seizure of your assets to satisfy an outstanding tax debt. Our tax professionals can help you negotiate an alternative payment plan and get your tax situation back on track.

Some Weight-Loss Treatments May Be Tax Deductible

Many people struggle with obesity, but there are tax deductions available to alleviate the financial stress associated with weight loss.

Should You Take Occupational Deductions This Tax Season?

If you have a large number of unreimbursed work expenses, you may want to look into taking occupational deductions on your taxes.

Roth vs. Traditional IRA and Your Tax Liability

Get in the know about the tax implications of traditional IRAs versus Roth IRAs. 

Understanding 2018 Changes to Tax Deductions

Major changes to both standard and itemized tax deductions are effective starting in 2018.

Your Medically Necessary Home Improvements Might be Tax Deductible

If you make changes to your home in response to a household member's medical condition, you may be able to deduct those costs on your taxes.

Deducting Home Office Costs: Know the IRS Rules!

Do you have a home office? You may be able to deduct the cost of that space as a business expense. Make sure you know all the IRS rules about home offices before you file!

Educators, You Can Claim a Tax Deduction for Qualifying Continuing Education Costs!

If you're a teacher, you could be eligible to claim a tax deduction for continuing education.

Selling Your Home? You Could Qualify for a Tax Exclusion!

Before you consider selling your house, talk to a tax expert to find out if you qualify for a capital gains tax exclusion on the profit.

College Savings Plans and Your Taxes

Find out about the tax implications of a 529 plan.

Tax Deductions When You Mix Business With Pleasure

Did you know that some business travel may still be deductible when you combine work and play?

Can I Deduct My Vehicle Loan Interest?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to deduct the interest on your vehicle loan.

Didn't File Your Federal Taxes? Here's What to Expect

If you don't file your tax return on time, you could end up owing a great deal more to the IRS.

Alimony Payments and Your Taxes

Make sure you're correctly deducting or reporting alimony on your tax return.

How Gains and Losses on Primary Residences Affect Your Taxes

Learn how selling your home can impact your tax return.

A Tax Professional Can Help You Overcome Back Tax Issues

Tax resolution pros can help you deal with unfiled tax returns and back tax debt!

Don't Miss This 2016 Tax Credit for Parents

You may be eligible to claim a Child Tax Credit of up to $1,000 per qualifying child.

Don't Miss This Medical Expense Deduction

Taxpayers often fail to include costs for transportation related to medical care when totaling their annual medical expenses.

Advanced Rent Payments, Security Deposits, and Taxes for Landlords

Make sure you know which payments are considered taxable income, and what year to include that income on your tax return.

Donating a Vehicle to Charity? Here's How to Claim the Tax Perks

Vehicle donations can be deducted in certain circumstances.

An Installment Agreement Can Help You Pay Large Tax Debts

By breaking your debt up into monthly payments, you'll regain some financial stability.

Don't Go It Alone When It Comes to Tax Problems

Working with a tax resolution specialist can make a world of difference when it comes to securing tax settlements and other tax relief strategies.

Face-to-Face Versus Correspondence Tax Audits

The IRS won't always send an auditor to meet with you in person.

Avoid Tax Penalties by Adhering to IRS Deadlines

Timely tax filing and payment are key in staying on the IRS's good side.

Wondering About Your Tax Refund? Here's How to Check Its Status

The IRS offers an online tool to track your tax refund.

How Divorce Impacts Your Annual Tax Return

A spousal split can wreak financial havoc. We can help you sort things out.

Elder Care Can Be Costly: Should You Take Out a Reverse Mortgage?

Thinking about a reverse mortgage? It could be the answer to aging at home.

Understanding Your Tax Filing Status

We can guide you toward the best tax filing status for your situation.

What Is Deduction Bunching?

We're experts on a variety of strategies that can help you make the most of your annual tax return.

Tax Deductions for Special Schools and Education

Special-needs education and supplemental therapy costs may qualify for the medical expense deduction on your taxes.

Help Offset Your High-Deductible Medical Plan With a Health Savings Account

Going with a high-deductible medical plan? Find out if you qualify for a Health Savings Account.

Overcoming Tragedy: Casualty Losses and Your Tax Return

Losses caused by accidents or disasters may be deductible.

If You're Paying for Education, You May Be Eligible for Tax Credits

Spending money on higher education can reduce your tax liability.

What Are the Tax Benefits of Buying a Home?

You can claim tax deductions related to home ownership.

We Can Help You Stop Wage Garnishment

If you're tired of struggling to make ends meet without full use of your paycheck, we can help.

How to Quality for Innocent Spouse Relief

A spouse's financial wrongdoing doesn't have to sink you as well.

Do You Need to Improve Your Credit? Here's How to Start

Poor credit can impact your life in myriad ways. Learn more by calling our pros!

Not Sure What Qualifies as a Charitable Organization? We Can Help

Donating to certain organizations can have benefits when it's time to file your tax return.

Reduce Your Tax Debt With an Offer in Compromise

Our tax professionals can help you reduce the amount you owe to the IRS!

Get Help for Your Small Business's Payroll Tax Problems

Get tax help right away to fix your small business's payroll tax problems before they get worse!

Negotiating Tax Settlements to Lift Liens and Levies in Westwood

If tax penalties are threatening your personal or business assets, our pros can help.

For Tax Audit Assistance in Sharonville, We Are Your Team

We'll help you handle IRS audits with ease.

We Are Your Answer for Tax Resolution in Norwood

If you need tax help, give us a call!